Considerations Before Obtaing a Web Application Firewall 2: Continuity

Before you can obtain a web application firewall, you should be aware that the service you receive will not be limited for a certain period of time and that you should ensure continuity in the use of web application firewall. Because the internet environment is not stable and a non-threat situation today can be a threat tomorrow or a change in your web application can cause a major vulnerability. Your system must be constantly monitored.

Mobile Application Threats On The Rise

The fact that mobile applications provide great convenience to our lives; however, mobile applications have serious weaknesses. The attackers are quite aware of this situation and it is seen that there has been a serious increase in the attacks on mobile applications in recent years.

Web Security Techniques and Security Products

There are various techniques and software to provide a secure environment on the internet, as well as many security products such as doors, alarm systems, security cameras for our homes and workplaces that we live in. Some of these are simple technical applications for everyone, while others are cost-effective products that provide much higher levels of protection.

Why Do All Websites Need a Firewall?

Since we've put our heads on the trusty shoulders of technology, we've gave free rein to the policy of belt and braces. So what, they will take over your website from within all of their websites? And maybe your website could be really secure. Nevertheless, this does not change the fact that almost 37,000 websites that think like you are hacked every day. Yeah, maybe you haven't joined the 37,000 part yet. But with the let go policy, one day you can turn into statistics.


According to Gartner, WAF (Web Application Firewall) investments constitute 3 billion USD of cyber security investments which are expected to reach 124 billion USD in 2019. WAF market is expected to reach $ 7 billion in 2024 according to the researchs done by Marketer Media, Orbis Research ve Mordor Intelligence. The growth is confirmed by increasing number of websites, parallel to this, increasing number of hackers, hacker groups and attack methods, unrecognized security vulnerabilities and weaknesses reveal the need for WAF products.

Does A Web Application Firewall Slow Down the Website?

Although each Web Application Firewall serves the same purpose, their working methods or techniques may vary. So, how a WAF affects the website’s speed depends on how it controls incoming and outgoing data. Even if a WAF causes a slowdown, to some extent, one can barely notice. Even better, a WAF application can increase the speed of websites in different situations.

What is DDOS

Ddos (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is a kind of cyber attack which makes the system of web applications unresponsive that can be done in many different ways and has become widespread nowadays. Such that, on the internet today, there are a number of applications developed for the carrying out a Ddos attack that even a non-expert can do Ddos attacks.