What is PCI DSS?


PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Security Standarts) is a global organization that maintains, evolves and promotes Payment Card Industry standards for the safety of cardholder data across the globe.

• It determines the information security requirments that must be followed during the processing, transmission and keeping of credit card information.

•Compliance with PCI data security standards ensures the protection of the cardholder’s information, reduces risk and eliminates vulnerability and mistrustfulness.

PCI DSS compliance is not done once; requires continuous update. The PCI DSS compliance scanning should be repeated  4 times a year and forwarded to the relevant financial institution.


What Requirements do I Need to Obtain a PCI DSS Certificate?

At first, you have to set up a secure network.

Firewall installation and operability is one of the most important parts. 

You must ensure that the transfer of the cardholder's information in networks takes place through a secure connection.

You must use anti-virus software and make sure that it works properly.


As a Result;

Using the BEKCHY software on your website will make it easier for you to secure your website and therefore it will be easy to obtain a PCI DSS certificate.