Mobile Application Threats On The Rise

The internet is used through mobile devices rather than computers day by day and that makes it necessary to make websites more compatible with mobile devices. Mobile applications have a stable and indispensable place on our mobile phones as a shortcut to web sites.

Today's people always prefer to do the things more practical and faster. Mobile phones are always in our hands and more accessible than computers. Even we can quickly access a website through our mobile phone, mobile applications make it even faster. Such that; with an application on our phone, we can do large amounts of shopping, follow up our business and sale transactions in just a few seconds.

The fact that mobile applications provide convenience to our lives; however, mobile applications have serious weaknesses. The attackers are quite aware of this situation and it is seen that there has been a serious increase in the attacks on mobile applications in recent years.

Because mobile malware runs in the background of the mobile phone, users cannot even notice that their phone has been compromised, maybe they continue to use it for months. One of the mobile malwares, Trojan works only once on the mobile phone to avoid being noticed in the sandbox. The Triada allows attackers to take complete control of the mobile device.

Attackers can achieve their goals by easily infiltrating the mobile applications of large e-commerce sites or banks. Infiltrating one mobile application is much easier than another web application. The reason for this may be the fact that the mobile applications have a new place in our lives and the vulnerabilities of the mobile applications are new, although we have tried to amend the vulnerabilities encountered in the web applications with the experiences over the years and although new measures have been taken every day in web security.

Users may think that when their data is compromised or damaged, it is their fault, or they don't realize that an application on their mobile device is causing the damage. Therefore, it is neglected to take security measures for mobile applications.


What should be considered for Mobile Application Security?

  • Mobile application permissions. When downloading a mobile application, you must pay attention to the permissions it asks you to. For example, you will download a game; you have to be careful if you are asked for permission to access your directory or gallery for this game when it has nothing to do with the game.


  • Excessive charge consumption. If your phone has started to consume a charge more than before, it is useful to determine which application is running continuously in the background of your phone by checking the charge consumption details in your phone's settings.



  • Overheating. Although there is no heavy application on your phone, if your phone gets too hot, it is helpful to take a proper look at the details of the applications on your phone and it is useful to delete the application which you observe an abnormal condition.