Microsoft's Tracking Prevention Feature for Edge

When it comes to the use of the Internet, the ads that appear against our will can be annoying. Although there are many programs that prevent these ads from appearing in front of us, search engines  enter into a study to prevent these ads.

After Mozilla, Microsoft introduced the “Tracking Prevention feature. With this feature, aggressive online ads or tracking scripts loaded by analytics programs can be blocked.

Microsoft said this feature is based on a new component, also known as the Protection Trust Protection List ”. This component includes a group of organizations and domain addresses known to track their users. When a website is loaded by users, the URLs for the domains of third parties uploaded to that website are verified against the list. If the domain matches the URL in the Protection Trust Protection List, EDGE will restrict access to the storage mechanism. It will also prevent this domain from adding new JavaScript code.

Tracking Prevention also blocks trackers from adding a new script, tracking pixel, and iframe.