Considerations Before Obtaining WAF 1: Software Language Compatibility


The most important feature for a web application firewall is the compatibility with all software languages. A web application firewall that is not compatible with the language of your website will not be able to protect your website.

You can find out which software languages ​​the WAF you want to obtain is compatible with, from the web application firewall's website.

Bekchy is compatible with Nginx, Apache, Litespeed, IIS, Apache Tomcat, Lighttpd, Haproxy and all application servers and also it is compatible with PHP, .Net, Java, Ruby, Python and all software languages.

You can see if Bekchy is compatible with the software language of your website from



For example, for an XSS attack attempt, you can copy the code below and try it for the software language you want on


'../evil.php?cakemonster=' + escape(document.cookie);


Let's try the XSS attack for Wordpress. After selecting Wordpress from, paste the code above into the search section of the Wordpress page.

As soon as we press the Search button, Bekchy immediately detects an XSS attack and blocks the attack.




Similarly, to try a SQL injection, you can copy the code below and try it for the software language you want on

' OR '1'='1'

Let's try SQL injection for Pyton this time. After choosing Pyton from, let's add the above code next to the URL. As soon as we press Enter, Bekchy detects the attack and blocks it.




When you use Bekchy, you are immediately informed of the attacks and you will be protected from attacks by acquiring Bekchy for the security of your website. Moreover, with Bekchy you can get not only web application service but also many other services.