Considerations Before Obtaing a Web Application Firewall 2: Continuity


Each website/web application serving on the internet may have various weaknesses. These vulnerabilities may sooner or later be discovered by attackers who want to exploit these vulnerabilities and can be used for attacks that will put people or companies in a difficult position.

There are various ways of eliminating these vulnerabilities and being protected from cyber threats. Large companies spend large sums of money and ensure their safety with a large number of staff, while medium and small businesses prefer to use products that provide security services  becuse they are more economical. The most prominent security products in recent years are web application firewall products.


Before you can obtain a web application firewall, you should be aware that the service you receive will not be limited for a certain period of time and that you should ensure continuity in the use of web application firewall. Because the internet environment is not stable and a non-threat situation today can be a threat tomorrow or a change in your web application can cause a major vulnerability. Your system must be constantly monitored.

Especially cloud-based web application firewall products provide great convenience in terms of continuity. Because you receive a cloud-based service, your location doesn't matter, and users simply purchase services in their local location without the need for software, data access, or service infrastructure.

Bekchy is a cloud-based web application firewall product and serves as SaaS (Software as a Service).


What is SaaS?

They are the products that the service needed is purchased, not a hardware or software. Software as a Service provides all programs and software within the scope of their services through the cloud. They are more economical because they do not require extra equipment or services. Most importantly, service providers do not need any software or hardware knowledge.


Penetration testing may be preferred if it is aimed to detect only vulnerabilities instead of continuous protection.


What is Penetration Test?

These tests are used to detect vulnerabilities by a third eye and prevent possible damages through performing a simulation attack instead of a real attack.

The scope and time of the penetration test are planned and decided by the people who provide and get Pen-Test services. A penetration test can take several hours or several days.

You need to know these about penetration testing;

Pen-Test only detects and allows you to notify vulnerabilities, but does not provide protection against them.

You should have the Penetration Test performed at regular intervals. New developments can create new vulnerabilities, or a change in your system can cause a new vulnerability.

Having penetration testing services from different companies instead of just a specific company, it is beneficial to control your system with different eyes and to increase your security to higher levels.


Bekchy offers penetration services in addition to the web application firewall service and has operated many successful Pen-Tests so far. You can easily request a Pen-Test by creating an account on