Why SSL is Not Enough For The Website Security

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that provide trusted environment by encrypting the link between server and browser and it indicates a website is secure.

It is critical for the protection of identity and card information, especially for commercial websites with the encryption it provides. However, can a website make itself entirely protected with SSL? Unfortunately, the answer is “no”. SSL provides a secure layer to an internet site, but is impractical for many cyber-attack methods. Eventually, those who carry out an attack can easily find out the new way to attack and new vulnerabilities.

Many large companies believing that they had secured internet applications by using SSL, scarcely realized they are mistaken after paying heavy prices. Yahoo, Equifax and many others were using SSL and probably thinking that they were protected with this, while their users were targeted by malicious attacks.


As a result, SSL can be compared to the steel door you have installed to ensure the safety of your home. All by itself, steel door can not prevent a home from housebreaking. Moreover your home may have many vulnerabilities. A Web Application Firewall can be compared to a security guard who controls suspicious people and protects your home from any kind of attack.

In addition to this protection, Bekchy provides an expertise that determines the vulnerabilities of your website and aims to make you better on security than you are. While hackers will find new vulnerabilities, develop themselves every day and penetrate web applications, things such as SSL will be insufficient for security. In contrast, with Bekchy, you get a security software that improves itself and complies with the change.